A conversation with our employees

Interview with Ralf Almon

The decision for a company also means to be part of a corporate culture. But what does it mean to be a part of usd? Katja Schumacher found out by interviewing our employees.

KS: Ralf, how did you become aware of usd?
RA: I was looking for an interesting job in the area of IT security that offered a lot of variety. I got to know usd when I volunteered at the job fair konaktiva in Darmstadt. Unlike the larger companies, usd had sent some of their professionals to the job fair who talked to people like equals. They took a special interest in applicants. I immediately liked that.

KS: What made you ultimately decide to apply with us?
RA: There’s not one single reason why I joined usd, of course, but many. For me personally it’s really important to work with a company that values and appreciates the contributions of every single employee. During my interview I also immediately got the impression that my interviewers weren’t only interested in my qualifications and skills, but also in getting to know me as a person.

KS: What are your responsibilities and main tasks at usd today?
RA: I’m responsible for the forensics sub-division of our Security Analysis department. Among other things, I coordinate employees, evaluate and order software, select external training opportunities and organise in-house training courses.

KS: What does your typical day at work look like?
RA: That’s a very good question that I don’t have a blanket answer to. The great thing about my working days is that they have a lot of variety to them. Depending on the project, I have very diverse tasks. The more confident you are to take on responsibilities at usd, the more variety you get to experience in your work.

KS: What specific tasks can be part of your workday?
RA: My tasks range from performing penetration tests, forensic investigations, internal and external workshops, building live hacking hardware and writing white papers to designing problems for our usd Hacking Challenge.

KS: What makes usd as an employer particularly stand out to you?.
RA: The sense of belonging here is quite strong. If you want it, you are welcome to join a wonderful group of people who all pursue the same goal together. We don’t work against each other, as in trying to outdo each other in front of our superiors, but above all focus on accomplishing usd’s mission together. That’s what makes working here so enjoyable.

About Ralf Almon
Managing Consultant Security Analysis & Pentests

Ralf has been a Pentest Consultant at usd since 2015. He completed his Bachelor’s in Computer Science and his Master’s in IT Security at TU Darmstadt. He has been interested in IT security since way before. Back in school, he used to explain the basics of buffer overflows to his classmates during computer science club. He has always been fascinated with the creativity involved in IT security issues, especially with the challenge of achieving his goals without taking the most obvious routes.