#BeAware: Nothing is impossible

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It is widely known that attackers can manipulate USB memory sticks, computer mice or presenter sticks in order to compromise computers or entire systems.

Not many people are aware, however, that this also works with charging cables. From the outside they look normal, but have been manipulated so that a computer will recognize them as an input device instead of a charging cable.

When using such a cable to connect your smartphone with a computer, a tiny circuit board that was built into the plug can send keystrokes to the computer. By doing that an attacker can open malicious websites or obtain access to a specific network.

What are the consequences for users? First of all: Hands off anything that wasn’t issued by your internal IT department or bought from a reputable supplier. Please be careful with freebies and giveaways or better, don’t accept anything at all. Attackers have no inhibitions to exploit such situations: In the past, listening devices have been found in pens or business card holders, for example.

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