Security Consulting

We Incorporate Security Holistically in Your Company.

Information Security Sustainably Anchored

Our consultants have been supporting companies in all industries in the area of information security for many years. Starting with the development of a cyber security strategy suitable for your company, the resulting guidelines, processes and organizational structures of your ISMS up to the operational management of your security organization as an external information security officer.

Our Focus of Security Consulting

Information Security in Finance

We combine industry know-how on regulatory requirements such as DORA, BAIT or MaRisk with expert knowledge from information security and advise financial institutions on issues from the 1st or 2nd line of defense.

Consulting for an ISMS according to ISO 27001

We support you in setting up and optimizing your management systems for information security – from the conception of necessary organizational structures to the definition of processes and the creation of necessary documentation.

Cyber Security Strategy

Based on specific cyber security risks for your company, we jointly develop goals, strategic fields of action, suitable initiatives and entirely operational tasks.

What is Important for Us

Zitat Andrea Tubach Head of Security Consulting

Andrea Tubach
Head of Security Consulting

"When they hear the term cyber security, many people spontaneously think of complex technology, unclear external specifications and unbudgeted extra work. They sense the threat and at the same time fear that they will lose valuable time in their IT projects. Together, we must resolve this apparent contradiction. After all, you don't install the best brakes in a racing car to bring it to a standstill, but to make it go faster.

Cyber security is becoming a trivial part of the digitization of our world. It starts with management awareness and motivated experts. Technical competence, best tools and an efficient organization are essential. Let's work together. Together we are better and your business will be faster."



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