Mission & Values

Our mission

“IT security has never been more important for companies.

Those who work for the good side, like us, feel the increasing pressure of a very real threat. Some of the brightest minds I know work at usd. Good guys from many parts of the world who want to make a real contribution to greater security.

Our clients are very important to them personally, they bear responsibility. And so we spur each other on to still become a bit better. For our clients. For us. For more security.”

Manfred Tubach, Founder & CEO

Interpersonal values

Self-determined work

Fixed office hours, time recording and other control mechanisms are alien to us. Through flexible working hours based on trust, we promote an environment in which employees feel comfortable and can pursue their individual working habits. This also includes the opportunity to work from home or part-time. Not only the young parents among us appreciate that.

Flat hierachies

Friendliness and a good atmosphere are more important to us than status and hierarchy. We all address each other with “Du” and first names. Communication is always direct and focused on finding solutions. Everyone is allowed and encouraged to help shape our company by contributing constructively.

Bright minds

At usd, advancing first and foremost depends on one’s own mind and has nothing to do with hierarchies. It’s about the will to make a difference. The professional and personal development of each individual is an important prerequisite for joint success. We support our employees in achieving their goals and making progress by acquiring new qualifications. Experience and knowledge are passed on – for example through the CST Academy.


Besides the usd Kick-Off Event at the beginning of each year, the outdoor event in summer and the Christmas party in winter, we have a “Monday Morning” session every month where we discuss everything that is important to usd. This way we remain close despite our increasing size and additional locations. We are also pleased that many joint activities are developing on their own. usd regulars’ table, bouldering, skiing, video nights, gaming – interest groups seem to be forming themselves.

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