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What are entry points for attackers in an Active Directory?

The Windows Active Directory (AD) is a key part of the IT infrastructure of many companies. It controls access to resources, manages user accounts and keeps operations running. But this central hub also poses significant risks: If the Active Directory is compromised, attackers can gain access to literally all of the company's resources and information. Hackers could steal or manipulate business-critical data, bypass security mechanisms, or take control of the most sensitive business processes. Therefore, a comprehensive analysis of the security level of your Active Directory environment is essential to know the status quo of the IT security level and to establish effective security measures.

During our pentest, our security analysts will comprehensively check your Active Directory for vulnerabilities so that you can subsequently fix them.

Common Active Directory vulnerabilities include:

  • Misimplemented authentication mechanisms
  • Insecure configuration of services
  • Use of outdated and insecure software
  • Generous assignment of rights

What is our approach to Active Directory Pentests?

Our pentests are conducted according to a standardized approach, which is enhanced by specific aspects for Active Directory Pentests:

Our security analysts start with a thorough examination of the Active Directory, covering all user accounts, groups, permissions and security policies. They use both standardized tools and manual testing to identify known and potentially unknown vulnerabilities. They follow the "assumed breach" approach, assuming that an attacker is already on the network, to achieve the best possible test coverage. In addition, they test the implememented security policies and check configurations, security practices, and policies against industry best practices. Furthermore, our security analysts test the resilience of Active Directory against various attack techniques. Based on the vulnerabilities found, they identify potential risks and show you practical steps you can take to improve your organization's security.

What checks are included in an Active Directory Pentest?

The following checks, among others, are part of Active Directory Pentests:

  • Analysis of account permissions and access rights
  • Review of security policies and service configurations
  • Critical security vulnerabilities in used software
  • Extension of user privileges
  • Verification of lateral movements within the network

In order to get a holistic view of network security, we additionally recommend in-depth manual pentests of your systems and workstations. This uncovers potential vulnerabilities at user endpoints, analyzes risks from software and system configurations, and identifies potential paths for lateral attacks. This expanded focus provides a comprehensive security picture and enables you to effectively defend against a wide range of threats.

Are your systems protected against attackers?

We would be happy to advise you on your options for having your Active Directory checked by our security analysts. Just get in touch with us.

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