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Regular security audits in the areas of organization, technology and awareness are critical for businesses today. With our security audits, we have been supporting companies for many years in bringing transparency to the security level of their organization and proving their compliance within the scope of a certification.

PCI Audit

As an officially accredited auditor, we certify you according to the internationally valid security standards of the Payment Card Industry.

Cyber Security Check

This individual audit provides you with transparency regarding the current state of your information security and potential IT risks.


Are you an operator of critical infrastructures? We accompany you to a successful verification of compliance.

Cloud Security Audit

You process highly sensitive data in the cloud and want a full investigation of your cloud environment? We perform a comprehensive security review of your cloud environment.


As a member of the SWIFT Customer Security Programme (CSP), you have to prove compliance according to the Customer Security Controls Frameworks (CSCF) through an independent audit? We will lead you to successful proof.

Internal audit according to ISO 27001

With an internal audit according to ISO/IEC 27001:2013, we assess the maturity of your ISMS – as preparation and prerequisite for your successful certification.

Internal Audit

Requirement or preparation of your successful certification: Through internal audits, we check compliance with internal or external requirements for you - independently and efficiently. 

Service Provider Audit

Ensure that your partners and service providers comply with internal or external requirements with a service provider audit.

BSI C5 Audit

You are a cloud provider and want to prove the level of IT security of your cloud services? We accompany you to the successful audit according to BSI C5.

„Our clients appreciate us for our pragmatic way, our helpfulness and our view on reality.” Christopher Kristes, Head of Security Audits & PCI

As auditors, we always act independently and with the highest standards of quality. We bear a great responsibility towards our customers in every respect. That’s why the security and quality of our processes is of great importance. Therefore, we have decided to have our processes certified according to the quality management requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001 in addition to the company-wide certification according to ISO/IEC 27001:2013.

In the following we have compiled the most important benefits of security audits:

1. Sustainable information security

Results of the security audit show you measures and starting points for optimizing your IT, processes and structures in order to achieve lasting security at the highest possible level

2. Proof of third-party requirements

Certification can be used as evidence of compliance with legal, regulatory or industry requirements. It can also be used efficiently to provide evidence of requirements from your customers.

3. Minimize your IT risks and reduce potential damages

By implementing proposed measures and following up, you sustainably reduce your IT risks and reduce the potential risk of damage to your company.

4. Security awareness increases

Successful security audits always require management attention and the participation of all employees. Awareness of security in your company increases permanently.

5. Clear responsibilities and procedures are created

In the course of a security audit, unclear responsibilities and missing processes or non-existent documentation always come to light. These are cleaned up so that future processes run more efficiently and are less prone to errors. This leads to (process) cost savings.

6. Trust of your customers and business partners

Promote the trust of your customers and business partners. Proven security is always also a competitive advantage over competitors.



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