Vulnerability Management Services

Detect, remediate and monitor vulnerabilities ahead of time

IT infrastructures are becoming more and more complex, threats even more critical. This makes it all the more important to have a good overview of one's own security situation and to identify vulnerabilities as early as possible and deal with them in a structured manner. This is exactly what vulnerability management is all about.

Overall reasons for vulnerability management

  • Improving your security level
  • Operable management of a large amount of vulnerabilities
  • Compliance requirements of international IT Security standards, such as ISO 27001, PCI DSS or regulations in the financial sector
  • Enrolment in a Bug Bounty program


Each situation requires different support

Scenario 1

Your company already carries out a large number of scans and pentests of your IT environment? As a result, you have a huge amount of data, but it is not possible for you to analyze it in order to identify necessary measures? This is exactly the strength of a functioning vulnerability management system. From guidelines and processes to suitable tooling, the involvement of all stakeholders and the training of your employees - we support you as consultants in the implementation or hands-on in the operation of your system. Learn more.

Scenario 2

Your company is governed by compliance requirements and has already implemented basic elements of a vulnerability management system? Now it is time to increase the level of maturity and, for example, obtain a structured overview of your identified vulnerabilities and their remediation with just the push of a button? In this case, the implementation of a supporting tool including necessary interfaces makes sense. We support you in the selection, implementation and configuration. According to compliance. Learn more.

Scenario 3

Your company has been compromised, insufficient vulnerability management in your company made visible as a result? Now the pressure is on to achieve rapid and practical improvements at the security level of your IT landscape. We support you in obtaining a swift overview of the threat situation and in eliminating risks in a very practical way by identifying and closing vulnerabilities. Alongside this, we establish a vulnerability management system right from the start. With all guidelines, processes, tools and accompanying communication. Learn more.

„Vulnerability management comes in many forms and requires very different approaches. We meet our customers where they are, develop joint objectives with them, and provide them with the best possible support in achieving them.“ Markus Ritter, Managing Consultant, usd HeroLab.

No matter which scenario you find yourself in, Vulnerability Management Services help to sustainably increase your security.

Whether you are just starting out with your vulnerability management or have already established processes and tools, the first step is for us to conduct a joint workshop to get to know the current state in your company and to develop a shared objective.

The following questions, among others, are clarified there:

  • Is an asset inventory already in place?
  • Do current processes support the vulnerability management system?
  • Are scans or pentests performed regularly?
  • What level of continuity and automation is desired?

The results of the workshop form the foundation for our further cooperation. The conception, introduction and operation of a professional vulnerability management system can be just as much a part of this as our advice on further, necessary, operational measures. You choose from our service portfolio exactly those services that are suitable for your company.



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