Cloud Security Audit

For the security of your cloud environment

For many companies today, entrusting their data to a cloud service provider such as AWS, Azure or GCP is a matter of course. However, by relocating to the cloud, you as the user do not relinquish responsibility for the protection of your data. While cloud service providers are responsible for the security of the cloud itself, you must ensure the protection of your data within the cloud. For instance, improper configuration of cloud services can allow attackers to gain access to sensitive data. Therefore, we recommend that you verify the secure configuration of your cloud through an audit.

Misconfigurations can be found, for example, in:

  • Identity and Access Management (e.g. AWS IAM, Azure AD, GCP IAM)
  • Storage Services (e.g. AWS S3, Azure Storage Accounts, GCP Cloud Storage)
  • Database Services (e.g. AWS RDS, Azure SQL, GCP Cloud SQL)
  • Logging, Monitoring und Alerting Services (e.g. AWS CloudWatch, Azure Security Center, GCP Cloud Audit Logs)

    How can we help?

    When managing sensitive and vulnerable information and operating services in cloud environments, it is important to have a valid overview of the IT security level of your cloud environment. Our Cloud Security Audit provides you with valuable results and insights.

    Our auditors have extensive experience in similar audits and refer to best practices from various IT security projects in different industries.

    How to get started with your Cloud Security Audit?

    Every cloud environment and the services that run in it are unique. Important criteria when defining the scope of your audit are the cloud services used, the number of cloud resources used, the protection requirements and possible risks of compromise.

    We therefore coordinate closely with you throughout the project to guarantee a Cloud Security Audit that is optimally tailored to your company.

    What is assessed during the Cloud Security Audit?

    Manually and automatically, we check against a framework of a variety of control objectives based on CIS benchmarks for AWS, Azure and GCP, cloud service provider best practices and our years of experience.

    During configuration reviews, document reviews and interviews, we audit not only the actual configuration of the cloud services, but also the security architecture and people and processes involved.

    Depending on your individual cloud environment, the following categories can be part of our audit portfolio:

    Security Architecture
    Identity and Access Management
    Virtual Server and Serverless Computing
    Information Security

    What do you receive after the Cloud Security Audit?

    After the audit is completed, you will receive:

    • A detailed report on all relevant topics, including specific recommendations for remediation of any vulnerabilities found.
    • Presentation of the results on site or remotely (optional)
    • Advice on implementing the necessary measures (optional)


    We recommend performing a Cloud Security Audit annually or immediately after significant changes.



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