Updated Requirements for Service Providers with PCI DSS Version 3.2

13. September 2017

With PCI DSS 3.2, requirements for service providers have changed. We have therefore extended our service range in order to support you with becoming compliant. Please ask as about our latest offers.

Internal PCI DSS Reviews – Requirement 12.11

You are required to conduct quarterly, internal reviews to verify that all your processes are being adhered to. We support you with satisfying requirement 12.11. You can familiarise yourself with our approach here.

Policy Template Update 3.2 for SAQ D-SP

Due to the changes to the PCI DSS in version 3.2, you are required to adjust your internal PCI DSS documentation. If you have already purchased the PCI DSS Policy Template SAQ D-SP from us, we offer you an update that allows you to incorporate the changes from PCI DSS version 3.1 to 3.2 into your existing documentation. You can find more information on our PCI DSS Policy Templates here.
Please note that Policy Templates are only available in German.

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