usd HeroLab „Summerschool 2019“ completed

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In addition to university courses, the usd HeroLab training program „Become a HeroLab Professional“, or “Become a HeroLabber” for short, is another investment in qualified young talent by usd AG. Experienced usd HeroLab security analysts systematically prepare the students of this year’s “Summerschool” for their involvement in pentesting projects.

Julian Brecht, student at Technische Universität Darmstadt, about this year’s Summerschool: „I’ve found the class to be very educational. We learned about many common vulnerabilities and gained important insights into pentesting and how to use our skills responsibly. We were able to apply all those insights while training in a test environment and gained some valuable practical experience.”

“We are convinced that “more security” starts with young talent. For this reason, we have developed the training program so that our working students and new full-time employees are thoroughly trained in our major service field of pentesting,” adds Markus Ritter, Managing Consultant at usd HeroLab and co-founder of the usd HeroLab training program.

Read more about the “Summerschool 2019” on the usd HeroLab website.