PCI Security Scans

Companies that store, process or transfer credit card data must have their IT systems regularly checked for vulnerabilities with a PCI DSS Security Scan and provide evidence of PCI DSS compliance. With our scans, you satisfy requirements 11.2.1 and 11.2.2.



External PCI DSS Scan (ASV Scan)

Requirement 11.2.2

Satisfy requirement 11.2.2 with the external PCI DSS Security Scan. With the external PCI DSS Security Scans, you can check your IT systems for security vulnerabilities on a quarterly basis. On our usd PCI DSS Platform you will receive the Attestation of Scan Compliance and a detailed technical and management report after successfully completing the scan. If a Security Scan reveals vulnerabilities, you are free to perform an unlimited number of Re-Scans free of charge until you reach the status PCI DSS compliant.

Internal PCI DSS Scan

Requirement 11.2.1

Satisfy requirement 11.2.1 with the internal PCI DSS Security Scan. You check your Internet-accessible IT systems (servers, networks, web servers, web shops etc.) for several thousand known and continuously updated vulnerabilities using the internal PCI DSS security scans.

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