Zalando Payments GmbH and Zalando SE Successfully Certified for PCI DSS

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Photo from left to to right: Dr. Kai Schubert (PCI Lead Auditor usd AG), Jan Kemper (PCI Lead Auditor usd AG), Benjamin Pannier (Managing Director Zalando Payments GmbH), Ingo Weinzierl (Engineering Lead Payments Zalando Payments GmbH)

With the successful migration and the development of a lean PCI environment in the cloud, the course for PCI DSS certification of both Zalando companies was set in the last months, and formally completed in mid-December.

Both the goal-oriented cooperation of the project teams on the part of Zalando and usd, and the cloud provider’s existing PCI DSS certification have contributed significantly to the success and speediness of the project.

Benjamin Pannier, Managing Director at Zalando Payments GmbH, comments: “I am enthusiastic about this joint project. The certification process was uncomplicated and necessary measures could quickly be implemented thanks to the close cooperation between Zalando teams and usd. For us, this is an important step that shows that we always have the security of our customers’ data in mind, even with agile and fast product development. This project proves it.”

Jan Kemper, PCI Lead Auditor of usd AG, also rated the cooperation very positively: “It was really fun to work with this team. Thanks to excellent human and technical contacts, we were able to successfully complete the PCI project in an astonishingly short period of time”.