#BeAware: Tailgating and Piggybacking

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Tailgating, also known as Piggybacking, is no trendy new sport, although the name might suggest otherwise. The term refers to a security risk many companies are facing.

Tailgating describes the attempt of an attacker to gain access to restricted areas in a company building by inconspicuously tagging along after authorized persons or groups. The attacker counts on people’s courtesy and politeness and most of all their desire to avoid conflict. After all, no one wants to slam the door in somebody’s face or likes to ask uncomfortable questions.

If you witness a Tailgating attempt oder if an unfamiliar person tries to follow you into a restricted area, here are a couple of suggestions on how to handle the situation:

  • Accompany: „Excuse me. It seems like you did not receive a visitor’s badge. Please let me accompany you to our front desk, so they can issue one for you.“
  • Address: „Excuse me. I cannot see your visitor’s badge or employee ID. Could you please make sure to wear it in a visible spot?“
  • Inform: If you are not sure what to do in any situation, you can always inform your colleagues, the front desk or security personnel.

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