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OmniPOS from GK Software successfully certified according to PCI Secure Software Standard

14. September 2022

Image source: GK Software SE

Whether for start-ups or global players – a PCI certification project can pose a major challenge to any business. All the more reason for us to look back on the successes we have achieved together with our clients. After all, nothing provides better insights into a PCI assessment than the voices of the people involved.

GK Software is a globally operating technology company headquartered in Schöneck/Vogtland, Germany, which specializes in software solutions and services for the operation of branches of large retail companies. Its store software GK OmniPOS was successfully certified by usd AG in June 2022 according to the PCI Secure Software Standard. With the successful certification, GK OmniPOS was officially included in the listing of Validated Payment Software by the PCI Security Standards Council.

The GK OmniPOS solution is operated on a dedicated device that is connected to the POI POS terminals in use. This allows cashiers to, for example, weigh, scan or manually register a customer's goods and have the resulting price sent to the POI POS terminal via the software.

The software was certified for the first time according to the new PCI Secure Software Standard, the successor standard to PCI PA-DSS, which will expire on October 28, 2022 and according to which the GK solution was previously certified. In the course of the certification assessment, usd AG experts checked the correct and complete implementation of all security requirements applicable to the software, such as the management and maintenance of asset lists, release and update processes, vulnerability management and handling of sensitive data. Extended requirements that were included in the latest update of the standard, such as attack detection by means of integrity checks as well as more extensive threat modeling, were part of the assessment.

"With a product like GK OmniPOS, which in some cases is operated as a standalone system, requirements such as the use of file integrity monitoring can be quite difficult to implement," reports Lorenz Heiler from usd AG, who supervised the certification project as lead auditor. "However, thanks to the close and direct cooperation with our contacts at GK Software and the combined expertise of our PCI team and the usd HeroLab, we were able to find and implement solutions for all challenges very quickly. We would like to thank everyone involved in the project at GK Software and congratulate them on their first certification according to the PCI Secure Software Standard. "

Michael Hager, Team Manager at GK Software: "Just like our auditors, we are never interested in the quickest but the best solutions - especially when it comes to the security of our software and the protection of customer data. We are pleased that we were able to develop these solutions together with usd AG as part of our certification. GK OmniPOS is thus the first store software from Germany to be included in the listing for the PCI Secure Software Standard through usd AG's assessment process."

About GK Software SE

GK Software SE is a leading global provider of cloud solutions for the international retail industry and one of the fastest growing companies in its field. The cornerstones of the company are self-developed, open and platform-independent solutions. Thanks to its comprehensive product portfolio, 22 percent of the world's 50 largest retailers currently rely on solutions from GK. The company's customers include Adidas, Aldi, Coop (Switzerland), Edeka, Grupo Kuo, Hornbach, HyVee, Lidl, Migros, Netto Marken-Discount and Walmart International. GK has subsidiaries in the U.S., France, Czech Republic, Switzerland, South Africa, Singapore, Australia and holds ownership or majority stakes in DF Deutsche Fiskal GmbH, Artificial Intelligence for Retail AG and retail7, among others. Since its IPO in 2008, the company has grown more than sevenfold and generated revenues of 130.8 million EURO in 2021. GK was founded in 1990 by CEO Rainer Gläß and Stephan Kronmüller (Deputy CEO) and is still founder-managed today. In addition to its headquarters in Schöneck, the group now operates 16 sites worldwide. GK's goal is to become the leading cloud solutions company in the retail industry worldwide, enabling consumers on all continents to enjoy the best possible shopping experiences. 

Further information about the company: www.gk-software.com

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