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Would you like assistance with planning and performing your security analyses? No matter whether it’s security scans or pentests. Hardly anyone responsible for IT doubts the necessity of performing security analyses of systems and applications. However, answering the question about what, how, by whom, when and at which intervals tests should be performed is quite complex. This is all the more true if criteria for the performance of measures are not well-defined. Operational planning and coordination of the testing with all responsible persons in the company and with service providers also takes a lot of time and, moreover, requires technical know-how. We offer you our support. As an all-round service.

Our consulting services

We offer you our consulting services at the early preparatory stages of security analyses. Thus, you can be sure to adopt and successfully implement the right measures for more security. Our security experts provide support on the following topics:


  • Defining criteria for performing security analyses
  • Integrating security analyses into regular business processes
  • Determining the test scope on the basis of the criteria
  • Preparing a test plan for planning the security analyses
  • Answering questions from the responsible persons and specialized departments (also overcoming prejudices and fears)
  • Support in preparing security analyses (collecting required information, applying for access rights, approvals, etc.)
  • Support in eliminating vulnerabilities and coordinating the verification (classifying the criticality, deriving precise measures, coordinating service providers)



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