Your certification according to the PCI PIN security standard

The PCI PIN Security Standard formulates requirements for the secure management, processing and transmission of personal identification numbers (PIN) in online and offline transactions at ATMs and payment terminals and is particularly relevant for acquirers and network operators. With the Qualified PIN Assessor (QPA) Program, the PCI Security Standards Council provides a standardized certification for high-quality security assessments according to the PIN Security Standard.

Since October 2019, all PIN security assessments that could previously be performed by a Visa Approved PIN Assessor must be performed by accredited PCI QPAs.

usd AG is officially accredited as a Qualified PIN Assessor.
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About usd AG

Founded in 1994, usd AG has been operating worldwide since 2004 as an officially accredited assessor in all relevant standards of the payment card industry. As a strategic partner of the PCI SSC Global Executive Assessor Roundtable (GEAR), we also support the PCI Security Standards Council as one of 20 companies worldwide with our knowledge from thousands of PCI projects.



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