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Since 2004, usd AG has been operating as an assessor accredited by the PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) in all relevant standards of the Payment Card Industry. We are one of the leading Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) in Central Europe. Our PCI specialists contribute their expertise to more than 200 companies worldwide every year by providing consulting and assessments.

As a strategic partner to the PCI SSC Global Executive Assessor Roundtable (GEAR) we also support the PCI Security Standards Council as one of 20 companies worldwide with our knowledge from thousands of PCI projects.

We are also involved again in the 2023 Europe Community Meeting of the PCI SSC as a sponsor and speaker. Thus, we support the event as a platform for international exchange.

Our certification services


Do you store, process or transmit credit card data? If so, you are required to comply with the requirements of the globally applicable Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Increase your security level and strengthen the trust of your customers!
We guide you to your PCI DSS certification.

PCI Software Security Framework

As a payment software provider, strengthen your customers’ trust in your products with certifications according to the PCI Software Security Framework (SSF). 


As a provider of payment solutions, would you like to offer PCI-validated end-to-end encryption (P2PE)? We accompany you through the certification of your P2PE solution.


Are you responsible for managing, processing and transmitting personal identification numbers (PIN) in a secure way? We check the security of your PIN environment and guide you through the PCI PIN certification process.


You are responsible for physical and/or logical security as a party involved in the 3DS transaction process? We accompany you through your PCI 3DS certification.

Our Consulting Services

PCI Consulting

We offer comprehensive consulting services for all PCI certifications. This includes, for example, options for reducing your scope and effort needed to achieve PCI compliance.

PCI Beratung

PCI Officer

Do you need an expert in charge of PCI in your company? As a Qualified Security Assessor Company, we will be happy to supply you with one of our experienced experts in as your PCI Officer.

Internal PCI DSS Reviews​

Do you need support with your quarterly Internal PCI DSS reviews? We are happy to assist you with your PCI DSS Requirements 12.4.2 compliance.

Security Analysis for PCI DSS

PCI DSS Pentest

With our PCI DSS pentest we check your relevant IT systems and applications according to Requirement 11.4 (v4.0) / 11.3 (v3.2.1) and provide you with specific corrective measures to eliminate vulnerabilities and risks.

External PCI DSS Scan (ASV Scan)

With our ASV Scans, we check those of your IT systems that are accessible from the internet for vulnerabilities. Our ASV Scans fulfill PCI DSS Requirement 11.2.2.

Internal PCI DSS Scan

With our Internal PCI DSS Scans we check your IT systems (e.g. servers) for known vulnerabilities. Our internal PCI DSS scans fulfill PCI DSS Requirement 11.2.1.

Compliance Management & Awareness

PCI compliance program

Do you need support with the compliance management of your merchants? Our software and services help you meet all the requirements of the credit card industry professionally and efficiently.

PCI security awareness training

Training employees on cyber risks and data protection is a requirement of many compliance standards. With our web-based trainings you can easily prove the fulfillment of PCI compliance requirements.

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