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It is hard to imagine international payments without SWIFT. The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) is a global member cooperative that provides secure financial messaging services to its community of 11,000 banks and financial institutions. To this end, it provides the technical infrastructure and standardized message formats for message transfer.

What are the requirements for SWIFT users?

SWIFT users are required under the Customer Security Controls Framework (CSCF) to demonstrate compliance with all Mandatory Controls to SWIFT on an annual basis. According to the Independent Assessment Framework (IAF), all SWIFT users must provide evidence through an independent assessment. This can be performed by external auditors as well as by internally independent persons with appropriate expertise (e.g. internal auditors).

Keep an eye on your compliance obligations

SWIFT members must have an independent SWIFT assessment performed once a year. In addition to the Full Assessment, the IAF will also define criteria to reuse results from the previous year's assessment from July 2023.

Your partner for your SWIFT Assessment

Our auditors combine many years of auditing experience in the payment industry with extensive know-how in regulatory projects in the financial sector. We are therefore ideally qualified to support you in your SWIFT assessment as an external and independent auditor.

The core of our services is always to improve your security. We consistently pursue this goal by strengthening existing assessment processes and incorporating improvements from our many years of auditing experience. In this way, we would like to help you see safety audits not only as an obligation, but also as an opportunity.

  • Cooperative assessment approach
  • Many years of experience and continuous process optimization
  • Tailored to your requirements and needs
  • Intensive support, preparation and follow-up
  • Detailed assessment agenda
  • Efficient and pragmatic implementation

Our tipps for a great preparation

1. Clarify the desired type of assessment in good time - by an external auditor or by your internal audit department.

2. If an external auditor has been chosen, look for a suitable partner promptly and involve them in the preparation early on.

3. Prepare yourself sufficiently for the assessment. In the case of an independent assessment, whether by an internal or an external auditor, stricter requirements are usually placed on processes and documentation than in the case of self-certification. A gap analysis or a short workshop to compare the implemented processes and the CSCP controls can be a good preparation.

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