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Manfred Tubach
Founder CEO usd AG

Our contribution

„There can be no absolute security, but it has been known since forever that there is strength in numbers. The CST Academy is our contribution towards a much-needed change – a transformation. From the insecurity of the individual to more security in a knowledge community. We offer space for skill development, security research, knowledge transfer and networking. From students to top managers. Together for more security.”

cst mission kompetenz

Build competence


The CST Academy offers a variety of events for the community: compact evening events on current topics. Workshops enriched with best practices. Intensive immersion in a specialist topic. Events to experience security close up. And much more.

cst mission raum

Room to shape


The CST Academy is a place for a community of IT security experts to meet and connect. Use our auditorium for up to 100 people. Two seminar rooms. A cafeteria and roof terrace. Modern equipped offices with 25 work stations. Access to common spaces and meeting rooms.

cst mission wissen

Share knowledge


Building a knowledge community means working together with the IT security experts of today and with those who will follow in their footsteps. That’s why we engage in specialist groups, for example at ISACA, and offer courses and workshops at many universities.