Cyber Security and Sauerkraut: usd Kick-Off 2024 Unites Mission and People

8. February 2024

usd Kick-off: our look back at what we have achieved together and our outlook on opportunities and strategies for the future. 2023 has shown that our team of Heroes and our usd are on a steady course for growth.

The Kick-off also stands for coming together: We already know that our Heroes are bright minds with top expertise. But what don't we know about our colleagues? What unusual hobbies and hidden talents do they have? And who still makes home-made sauerkraut these days? Every year, the event provides a space for all of these important questions, for professional exchange and fun get-togethers. And that's one of the reasons why it's one of our favorite traditions.

And how did our colleagues experience the 2024 Kick-off?

Victoria Kunde
Security Consulting

The Kick-off 2024 was a wonderful opportunity to meet colleagues from our various teams and locations in person. It's always a pleasure and this year in particular made me realize that we are all pulling in the same direction. Our teams presented their individual plans and goals for the coming year, but we all share the same mission: to support our customers on their path to more security - with quality and reliability.

Even though the Kick-off takes place only once a year, I feel it's a very typical usd event: Colleagues who mainly know each other from project work come together and create a beautiful space in an already beautiful place. Whether it's having a meal together, sharing our visions for the future or celebrating the successes of the past: The focus is on having a good time together.

Bartosz Milejski
Security Audits & PCI

Fabian Brenner
usd HeroLab

The Kick-off was more than just a review of successes and a glimpse into the new year - it was a great opportunity to get together with the people who make our day-to-day work so special. It was great to meet colleagues outside the office, laugh together and share ideas in a relaxed atmosphere. The day ended with a fun evening at the bar - a perfect start to a new year full of teamwork and success.

Our usd Kick-off is three things: a look back on the past year, a motivated "Vamos" for the future - and especially a day on which all our Heroes continue to grow together. What touched me most this year were the cheers for the great commitment of individuals and entire teams. This support for each other is truly heartfelt and reflects a sense of community that you simply have to experience first-hand. With this great energy, we are looking forward to all the projects and challenges that we will master together with our customers in 2024.

Mareike Clemens
CST Academy & Marketing

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