Live Hacking is one of the most impressive and entertaining ways to demonstrate how easy it is for criminals to gain access to third party data or to spy on others. As a stand-alone event or integrated into your regular meetings – live hacking is the ideal tool for sustainably increasing security awareness in your company.


Each hack can be combined and, if desired, packed into a „war story“. We are also happy to consider other individual wishes you may have. Live Hacking sessions take between 10 and 30 minutes.


Each session starts with a short introduction before proceeding to the actual live hacking demonstration. If required, we schedule in extra time for attendees to ask questions and discuss the issues afterwards.


Our Senior Consultants at the usd HeroLab have many years of practical experience in identifying vulnerabilities and performing pen tests, i.e. in legally hacking our international clients. Moreover, our pentesters are certified according to internationally recognized standards, such as the “Certified Ethical Hacker”, or the “Offensive Security Certified Professional”.