Can attackers penetrate your systems? We assume the role of a hacker on your behalf. More than 900 businesses already trust in out results. usd pentests involve much more than just automated security scans. During these tests, our security specialist assumes the role of a hacker – on a legal basis, of course. Our expert utilises professional tools to obtain information and also tries to penetrate a company’s IT systems using a targeted, individual and creative approach. This simulated hacker attack provides high-quality results that we summarise for you in a report that includes specific recommendations for improvement.


You decide what should be tested. Together with you, we decide on an individual basis what the target and scope of the pentest should be. The following components might be used separately or combined with each other. If you’d like to see something else on this list, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Do you need consulting before the pentest is performed? On defining testing criteria? To support you with operational planning and Organisation? On managing/controlling your service providers?

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Our evaluation of your pentest results is based on the international security standard of the payment card industry (PCI DSS). If your pentest results show that you comply with PCI DSS requirements, we are happy to confirm this by issuing you with a personalised certificate. This enables you to demonstrate to third parties how seriously you take security.