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Applications are an integral part of our everyday lives. Which makes them a popular target for attackers, as they often process and exchange sensitive data. Our experienced security experts identify vulnerabilities, identify risks and provide recommendations. We also accompany you as an auditor for your intended certification and build up expertise in your company.

Pentest: web applications

Web applications are popular targets for hackers. During our pentest, we comprehensively analyze your web application for possible entry points for attackers.

Pentest: mobile applications

Vulnerabilities in mobile applications can give attackers access to the corporate network. Our pentests identify possible entry points.

SAP Pentest usd AG

Pentest: FIORI web applications

Vulnerabilities in FIORI web applications can have substantial consequences for your business. Our SAP pentests identify potential vulnerabilities.

Pentest: API

APIs often process large amounts of sensitive data and are therefore extremely attractive to hackers. Our API pentest identifies gateways.

Pentest: Single Sign-On (SSO)

Vulnerabilities in your SSO solution can pose substantial risks. During our pentest, we comprehensively check your SSO solution for vulnerabilities.

Pentest: fat clients

Native applications can pose a high risk to corporate IT security. With our pentests we comprehensively analyze your fat clients.

Pentest in agile environments

Implementing IT security in the agile software development cycle is a great challenge. With our Delta Pentest you can check your security incrementally.

Web application security scan

Our vulnerability scan for web applications identifies weak points and security vulnerabilities quickly and efficiently.

Code review

We examine the source code of your application for security vulnerabilities and thus enable an highly in-depth analysis.

Software security framework (SSF)

As a payment service provider, strengthen your customers’ trust in your software products with certifications of the Software Security Framework.

Secure coding in web applications

usd Basic Seminar
Learn the basics of secure software engineering, vulnerability identification and suitable countermeasures in the usd Basic Seminar.

Secure coding in web applications

usd Advanced Seminar
Deepen your knowledge. The training takes place in the form of lectures, discussions of practical examples and a variety of practical exercises.

Vulnerability management

We help you to permanently identify weak points on time and to eliminate them in a structured way.


The Bug Bounty Program allows you to take advantage of the know-how and inventiveness of a community of security experts.

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