Your certification according to the
3DS core security standard

The PCI 3DS Core Security Standard defines physical and logical security requirements for the implementation of 3D Secure technology used in credit card transactions. usd AG is accredited by the PCI Security Standards Council to perform assessments in accordance with PCI DSS and PCI 3DS and can therefore verify compliance with both standards. This enables us to identify overlaps in the scopes of both standards and to define the assessment approach most efficient for you.

How we proceed during a PCI 3DS Assessment

Phase 1: Planning and preparation

Based on the official specifications of the PCI SSC as well as the PCI 3DS in the current version, an accredited assessor of usd will perform the PCI 3DS certification at your premises.

Phase 2: On-site and off-site assessment

The onsite and offsite assessment is a formal review process. Our responsible assessor examines all issues relevant to PCI 3DS on your premises.
The assessmenttakes the form of interviews with your responsible employees, site inspections, document reviews and the examination of all relevant IT systems and applications.

Phase 3: Assessment results and follow-up

Any deviations from the PCI 3DS that are identified during the assessment are documented by us in the Audit Connect ticket system on a daily basis, including the necessary, concrete recommendations for correcting the identified deviations. You use Audit Connect to correct the identified deviations. We then perform a follow-up assessment.

Phase 4: Report creation and transmission

To prove compliance to the credit card organizations, the usd assessor prepares the Report on Compliance (RoC) in accordance with the specifications of the PCI 3DS.
This final report describes the concrete implementation of the individual PCI
3DS requirements at your company in detail and describes the procedure of our
assessor to verify the respective requirement for the credit card organizations in a comprehensible manner.

Finally, we coordinate the report on compliance with you and submit it together with the PIN Attestation of Compliance (AoC) to the credit card organizations.

PCI 3DS Certificate and Seal of Compliance

After successful certification, we will issue your PCI 3DS certificate.



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