Your PCI officer

Build know-how yourself or get external expertise?

As a service provider, you are obliged by the requirement 12.4.1 of the PCI DSS to appoint an individual who is responsible for your PCI compliance and who will comprehensively manage the issue for you. Experience, PCI DSS expertise and time are prerequisites for this. As with many formal roles, the question arises: Should you build up competence internally or obtain it from external sources as required? As a Qualified Security Assessor Company, we would be happy to provide you with one of our experienced experts as your PCI Officer.

Required for service providers –
valuable for all organizations

Although the PCI DSS requirement 12.4.1 is only mandatory for service providers, it offers great added value as a guideline for all companies that pursue a holistic approach to security. Aligning your security strategy with explicit requirements facilitates a higher level of protection for sensitive customer data.

Bring top expertise to your company

A Qualified Security Assessor from our team of experts will support you as your PCI Officer with all PCI compliance issues of your company in a pragmatic way . Whether full-time, part-time or as a virtual compliance officer who trains your own employees, you decide. Flexibly and according to your needs.

    Compliance with requirement 12.4.1.
    Professional certification process
    More security for sensitive customer data

    How exactly does your PCI officer help you?

    As your PCI Officer, an accredited Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) from our team of experts will perform the following tasks for you:


    Your PCI Officer assists you in building a PCI DSS compliant environment in your company and professionally prepares your certification


    PCI Compliance Program

    Your PCI Officer will develop or optimize your PCI compliance program as required by 12.4.1



    Your PCI Officer prepares the annual PCI DSS assessment for you, sets the agenda, coordinates dates and technical security analyses (e.g. pentests), accompanies your assessment and does the follow-up

    Maintaining Compliance

    Your PCI Officer supports you during the year in maintaining your PCI compliance, e.g. through internal reviews, firewall reviews and employee training


    Our PCI expert will train your internal compliance officer and support him or her with all PCI compliance issues

    Your benefits

    As a Qualified Security Assessor we offer you services of the highest quality

    • As Qualified Security Assessors, our PCI Officers carry out assessments themselves and thus know exactly what is important
    • Years of experience with all relevant PCI Security Standards
    • Extensive experience with international customers of all sizes in various industries
    • Harmonization of compliance issues of different standards (e.g. ISO 27001)
    • Efficient assessment through optimal preparation and follow-up
    • You do not have to build up the required know-how yourself, thus saving costs and time
    • Knowledge of best practices and the market
    • More Security

    How may we help?

    Depending on the size of your company and your individual circumstances, you will need support in various forms.

    Whether part-time, full-time, or as a virtual PCI officer, our PCI Officer will support you in the way you need.


    Your PCI Officer is available to you full-time and is responsible for all PCI compliance issues in your company.


    Your PCI Officer manages your PCI compliance project to the extent you need him or her to.


    Our PCI expert will train your internal PCI Officer and assist him or her with advice and support.

    You don’t know what you need? We are here for you

    We know that every company faces its own challenges.

    No matter what individual requirements your company has for our PCI Officer – we will be happy to advise you. Free of charge and without obligation.



    Please contact us with any questions or queries.

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