Volksbank in der Ortenau & First Cash Solution GmbH Obtain Certification for Secure Handling of Credit Card Data

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Once again, compliance with the strict PCI DSS security guidelines at Volksbank in der Ortenau and its subsidiary First Cash Solution GmbH (1cs) has been assessed and confirmed by usd AG. The PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is the security standard for handling credit card data. It ensures that all merchants and service providers who store, transmit or process card data adhere to strict security requirements and provide proof of compliance on an annual basis. This means that buyers can continue to pay with their cards without any worries.

Jan Kemper, Lead Auditor of usd AG, was pleased to present the official certificate to Angela Migliazza, head of the 1cs internal sales department and contact person for PCI DSS, again this year: “The fact that we have been working together successfully with Ms. Migliazza and her team for several years now really shows. Thanks to smooth project processes, working together was a real pleasure, and we also managed to reach our desired results with great efficiency. This year, we significantly raised the security level of Volksbank in der Ortenau again by making some changes and additions to their risk management approach”.

“Security always comes first for us and our customers when making cashless payments. Together with usd AG, we have ensured through our renewed PCI DSS certification that our systems and processes comply with all current security requirements and that our customers’ data is protected in the best way possible,” adds Migliazza.

Volksbank in der Ortenau is a full service provider for payment transactions of medium-sized merchant customers and is one of the largest payment transaction banks in Germany. With its successful certification, the Offenburg-based payment service provider offers its partners and customers proven security in the field of credit card-based e-payments.