Become a Hero Spring 2023: Onboarding for 18 new usd Heroes

13. April 2023

At the end of March, usd colleagues from different departments and teams took part in the internal onboarding program "Become a Hero" for the 17th time. In two weeks full of presentations, workshops and team building activities at the CST Academy, the new Heroes got to know each other, the mission and all business areas of usd better. Many impressions stayed with them. We asked the colleagues about their experience:

In my 17 years of professional career I have never experienced such a well thought-out, structured and detailed onboarding program as at usd AG. Both professionally and interpersonally, the two weeks with the 17 other Heroes completely fulfilled my expectations. Happy to be onboard!

Rut Scheithauer, Security Recruiting & Services

I was very happy to learn more about usd AG and to get to know more of my colleagues better - in addition to my buddy and the direct team members.

Charel Lallemang, Security Analysis & Pentests

The Hero program is exactly what usd stands for - an open and collegial working atmosphere where learning and sharing knowledge is paramount.

Daniel Mayer, Security Consulting 

I entered the two weeks of the Hero Program with a handful of questions and left with more friends and answers than my arms could possibly carry. It felt like ending an adventurous class trip that will leave you wanting the next Hero event (corporate event).

Kurosh Fouladgar, PCI Security Services  

With a lot of new knowledge and networking across different departments, the new colleagues are now going back to their subject areas.

Learn more about the usd Onboarding Program here:

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