PCI Community Meeting 2019 – Payment Card Industry on the Move

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Left photo: left to right: Christopher Kristes, Head of usd PCI Security Services, Lorenz Heiler, usd PCI Security Services, Benedikt Krümmel, usd Sales, Raphael Heinlein, usd PCI Security Services; right photo: Keynote of former NASA astronaut Mike Massimino

This year’s PCI Community Meeting Europe 2019 took place in Dublin from 22 to 24 October. We seized the opportunity again this year to exchange knowledge and experiences with the PCI Security Standards among international experts of the Payment Card Industry.

Evening program “Cirque du Security”

Benedikt Krümmel, usd Sales Representative, was particularly pleased about the successful networking opportunity: “The PCI Community Meeting brings together international experts with completely different perspectives on the topic of payment security. This mix of different disciplines makes for very valuable discussions about industry trends and best practices. Talking to representatives from companies from all over the world showed us the wide range of solutions available for current challenges in the PCI environment. However, the exchange also left us with the impression that usd is very well positioned with its answers to these challenges.“

2019 Europe PCI Community Meeting

Raphael Heinlein, Senior Consultant usd PCI Security Services, was particularly interested in the latest developments in the numerous PCI standards: “The Payment Card Industry is currently evolving on many fronts: The new PCI DSS version 4.0 is expected to be released at the end of next year, version 3.0 of the P2PE standard is currently being developed and a new Software Security Framework will replace PCI PA-DSS in the medium term. The PCI Community Meeting is a great platform for us to enter into a direct dialogue with the PCI Council and get the latest news from the source itself. As Qualified Security Assessors, we were also given the opportunity to directly ask the Council PCI-specific questions in order to bring clarity to certain topics. One thing is certain: Next year will be exciting for all players in the Payment Card Industry. And our clients can continue to count on our expertise and support in 2020.”