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“Winterschool 2019” concluded successfully

Neu-Isenburg, March 27, 2019

This year’s “Winterschool”, which is part of the usd training program “Become a HeroLab Professional” for students working at the usd HeroLab, was concluded with a final exam last week. The usd HeroLab is expanding its range of university training courses by adding a special training program for its own students.

14 usd HeroLabs students qualified for the program. During the basic IT security training, the requirements for a pentest in contrast to capture-the-flag competitions and vulnerability scans were discussed. In other course modules, students demonstrated their knowledge as a team by composing a final pentest report holding up to usd quality standards. usd HeroLab IT security experts oversaw the training. All students who attended the program were issued an official certificate by the CST Academy.

André Dörsch, student at the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences, completed this year’s Winterschool: “The usd HeroLab Winterschool 2019 provided a very good balance between theory and practical scenarios for a strong learning effect in the field of security analyses and pentests. We could practice both the processes and the practical approach to system and web application pentests on different scenarios to consolidate our knowledge. As a team, we as working students were able to apply and prove our newly-acquired knowledge through simulated but realistic assignments that were part of our exams. Always in the spirit of “more security.”

We are excited for our freshly trained students and congratulate them on their passed exams!

Preparations for the next student classes of the “Summerschool 19” are already in full swing. The usd HeroLab continues to grow. Click here to learn more about the “Become a HeroLab Professional” program.