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Information security in the financal system

We combine industry know-how on regulatory requirements such as MaRisk or BAIT with expert knowledge from information security and advise you on issues from the 1st or 2nd line of defense.

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Are you an operator of critical infrastructures? We accompany you to a successful verification of compliance.

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Cloud Security

Are you looking to migrate your existing environments to the cloud or would you like to have your cloud environment checked for vulnerabilities and risks? With suitable services from analysis, consulting and audit, we jointly increase the security of your cloud environment.

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Security of IT systems

Our experienced security experts examine your systems for weak points, assess risks and make recommendations.

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Application Security

We identify weak points, assess risks and make recommendations. In addition, we accompany you as an auditor with your desired certification.

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PCI Security Services

As an assessor accredited by the PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) in all relevant standards of the payment card industry, we support companies around the world to PCI compliance.

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Hacker attacks

The question is not if, but when hackers will enter. Hacker attacks are part of everyday life. Every company should therefore be prepared for these attacks in a structured manner.

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The mission of the CST Academy is to build up skills, impart knowledge and create an active community. From the insecurity of the individual to more security in the knowledge community.