Implementation of New IT Solutions: Identifying Vulnerabilities in Time

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Implementing new software or applications throughout a company requires detailed planning as well as the consideration of IT security aspects. One example of such a project would be the implementation of a new operating system in the company, for example a migration to Windows 10. Companies must make sure that the new operating system, existing software and various configuration settings are adapted to their needs, as well as to guidelines, renowned security standards and best practices. The secure rollout of IT solutions is an important condition for preventing unauthorized access to data. Incorrect configuration of basic settings, for example, can pose significant risks to corporate security.

It has therefore become common practice to set up the new operating system in a test environment before it is rolled out throughout the company. There configurations and compatibility can be tested in isolation and vulnerabilities can be identified in time.

Our experienced usd IT security experts have developed a test procedure which consists of a technical security analysis based on a penetration test as well as a security audit based on recognized IT security standards, best practices and the benchmarks of the Center for Internet Security (CIS). In this way, we identify vulnerabilities and common security gaps, point out  resulting risks and provide you with ways to sustainably improve your company’s security.

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