Be prepared.

Know what to do in case of an hacker attack.

React correctly in the worst-case scenario.

Regular cyber attacks have become a reality for many businesses. It is important to close exploitable gateways as securely as possible – but this is no longer enough given the current threat situation. The question is no longer whether you could fall victim to a hacker attack, but whether your organization is prepared for it.

Proper preparation provides security and protects you from panicking in an emergency. Responsibilities and every single step required in an emergency must therefore be defined precisely. This is the only way to act quickly and correctly.



Questions you need to answer quickly


If reported by external parties: Who maintains contact?
Which internal departments must be informed?
In case of reporting obligation: Which authorities must be informed?
Which stakeholders need to be informed?


Who makes relevant decisions?
Is a continued operation necessary at any costs?
Do authorities have to be informed?
Does the time frame allow a comprehensive analysis?
Does the public need to be informed?

Information gathering

What happened exactly?
How is evidence secured?
Which systems are affected?

External support

Where can I find external partners?

A workshop led by experts provides clarity

We start with an analysis of your current situation in the form of a short, structured workshop. Afterwards we discuss our recommended measures together.

Our workshop addresses questions such as:

Are there guidelines for the worst case scenario?
Are responsibilities defined properly?
Are important positions staffed?
Are network recordings logged?
Do meetings of the crisis unit take place regularly?
Is a backup infrastructure for communication available?
Is there sufficient storage capacity to preserve evidence?
Are log files stored centrally?

We would be happy to provide you with an individual offer.


The live stress test for your it security organization

You play through a fictitious attack scenario tailored to your needs together with our security experts. The optimal proof of concept for your incident management.



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