usd AG actively supports the 2022 Europe Community Meeting of the PCI SSC

17. October 2022

“Help secure payment data globally”. The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council is more aware than ever of its role in contributing to the security of the payments industry and is once again inviting community meetings in the U.S., Europe and Asia.

After a successful start in Toronto, the European PCI SSC community will now come together in Milan from October 18 to 20. Participants will enjoy an exhibitor area, a variety of networking opportunities, and a packed agenda agenda of keynotes and presentations: Updates from the Council, insights into current trends and best practices from industry experts.

Vinzent Ratermann, Managing Consultant Security Audits & PCI at usd AG, and Christopher Kristes, Head of Security Audits & PCI and member of the usd AG Management Board, have been performing PCI and KRITIS assessments for usd AG customers for many years as QSAs and KRITIS auditors with extended audit expertise. On October 19, they will present at the PCI Community Meeting under the title "How PCI DSS Can Help You Secure Your Critical Infrastructure" synergies and differences between NIS2/RCE and PCI DSS using the example of the German regulation and give insights into their experiences with environments in which KRITIS and PCI DSS were equally applied.

Vinzent Ratermann is looking forward to sharing his expertise with the PCI SSC community: "My colleagues and I have been taking away valuable impulses and best practices from the expert presentations at the PCI Community Meetings for years. It is therefore a great honor to now be able to share our security audit experiences with others. The security of critical infrastructures will be one of the most important IT security issues in the years to come. That's why we decided to demonstrate the important role the PCI DSS can play in this context“.

This year, usd AG is participating beyond the presentation: "This year, we have made the decision not only to participate actively, but also as a sponsor. This way we support the event as a platform for international exchange - and thus also the cooperation in the payment security community in the long term," says Christopher Kristes.

Even if you can't be at the PCI Community Meeting, our experts will be happy to share their knowledge with you: usd Security Audits

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