IT-GRC Congress 2023: usd Experts to Give Presentations

25. October 2023

On November 7 and 8, 2023, ISACA Germany Chapter and dpunkt.verlag GmbH will host the IT-GRC Congress in Munich. Once again, the agenda of the congress will be filled with contributions from ISACA expert groups as well as presentations from selected representatives from industry, business, banks, consulting/IT system houses and institutions. Among those are two of our usd experts.

During the two days, specialists and executives, as well as IT managers and decision-makers, will come together to discuss current developments in the areas of information security, IT auditing, IT governance, compliance and risk management. The congress is also an important opportunity for members of the ISACA Germany Chapter to share the results of their specialist groups and exchange information on new developments in the field.

From the specialist group "IT Compliance in Finance and Insurance", Patrick Schmidt from Deutsche Börse AG and Dr. Christian Schwartz from usd AG will give a presentation on DORA:

Concretization of DORA through technical execution standards and implementation standards: An Outlook*

The presentation will give an overview of DORA, the central requirements of the EU regulation and the still pending technical implementation standards, which will further specify some requirements. Participants will learn how to integrate the DORA requirements into their institution and what consequences may result from the standards.

Representing the specialist group "Information Security", Andrea Rupprich from usd AG and specialist group leader Dirk Meissner present considerations on the question of how the involvement of top management can succeed in the context of an information security management project:

Success factors for top management involvement in information security*

The presentation shows how top management can be made aware of information security projects and brought on board in the best possible way with the help of successful communication. It demonstrates a possible approach and provides concrete examples for different company sizes and maturity levels.

*Please note: All presentations will be given in German.

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